Type of Admission Application
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Posted on Monday, 28 February 2022


Kinder Application are those applicants who are 5 years old or turning 5 years old from  August 31 to October 31 in the present school year

Grade 1 Application are those applicants who completed the kindergarten program.

Grade 7 Application are those applicants who completed Grade 1-6 (elementary level) who are enrolling in Junior High School

Elementary/Junior High School Transfer Student Application are those applicants from another school who want to continue their Basic Education at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation. Applicants who want to enroll in Grade 2-6 (elementary level) and Grade 8-10 (junior high school level)SHS Application (Grade 11) - are those applicants who completed the grade 10 curriculum under the K-12 program (Junior High School).

SHS Transfer Student Application (Grade 12) - are those who completed Grade 11 from another school.

College (Freshmen)are senior high school graduates (or graduates of Non-K to 12 curricula) who are enrolling in college for the FIRST TIME.

Transfer students - are enrolees who come from other schools and enroll at the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation for the first time.

Re-entry Application - for those students who were enrolled in any college program at MSEUF and wish to enroll again in the program after stopping.

Second Course - are those applicants who completed/obtained a degree and wish to enroll for another program. 

Cross-Enrollee is a student applicant from another school who wants to take courses in the University.

Law Students - are those who finished at least a bachelor’s degree.



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