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Informed Consent for Students

Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation (hereinafter called “university”) is a private non-sectarian educational foundation with a three-fold function - instruction, research, and community service. The university is committed to protect and respect student personal data privacy.

  1. The University shall collect following personal information from students before or during enrollment:
    • Full name
    • Birthday
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Religion
    • Home address
    • Educational Background
    • Family Background
    • Face/photo
    • Contact numbers
  2. The above personal information will be used for any of the following processes, activities, and/or events:
    • managing registry, accounts, fees, and balances;
    • computation and recording of grades;
    • membership in student organizations;
    • Radio Frequency ID (RFID) issuance;
    • health and dental monitoring;
    • research data gathering, and/or data analytics;
    • library access;
    • gate security monitoring;
    • publications through newsletters, bulletin boards, billboards, posters, tarpaulins, and website;
    • computerization, and automation;
    • quiz bees, sports activities, pageants, field trips, job fair, and other school related activities;
    • other reasonable and related purposes necessary to perform the University’s function.
  3. Student information in physical forms are securely stored in locked cabinets. Digital records are backed up daily and are kept in secure servers.
  4. Student records are neither deleted nor destroyed. Records are securely archived for credential retrievals.
  5. The University will not share students’ personal information to third parties without their consent.